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Seating Chart & Ticket Info

Individual Ticket Pricing & Info

Individual game tickets can be purchased online, at the Timber Rattlers Box Office, or by calling (920) 733-4152.


Grass Seat: $10

Reserved Bleacher Seat: $14

Box Seat: $17

Club Level Padded Seats: $26

All-You-Can-Eat Seats: $35

Patio Table (Seats 4): $96 per table

Price includes sales tax. Children ages 2 and under get in free provided they do not occupy a seat.

Group Ticket Pricing & Info

Group tickets must be reserved by calling a group sales representative (920) 733-4152 or stop by the Timber Rattlers Box Office.


Grass Seat: $7

Reserved Bleacher Seat: $11

Box Seat: $14

Group = 20+ tickets

$3 off the individual price per ticket. Children ages 2 and under get in free provided they do not occupy a seat.

Gates Open: 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled start time.

Individual Ticket Sales: Sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges. If a ticket is purchased from any 3rd party including but not limited to resale websites and ticket scalpers, the purchaser assumes all responsibility for those tickets. There will be no refunds or exchanges for lost or fraudulent tickets.

Special Offer Coupons: Can be redeemed in advance online or over the phone. Coupons and discounts cannot be combined with any other specialty ticket offer. Coupons and discounts are restricted to one per person unless stated otherwise.”

Types of Payment Accepted: Cash, check, cred card, (Visa, MasterCard, Discover,

Vouchers: These are good for the date(s) specified on the voucher. If there are no date restrictions, vouchers can be used for any game that season. Vouchers can be upgraded for an additional cost, and are strictly based on availability. All vouchers should be redeemed in advance digitally online or over the phone. Vouchers do not act as scannable game tickets and cannot be exchanged for any cash value or special events. Other rules and restrictions on ticket vouchers may apply.”

Online Ticket Sales: There will be an additional per-ticket fee added to all tickets purchased online. Unused or rain check tickets cannot be applied to any special events/offers online. Please note that online fees are subject to change for special events. All orders and ticket fees are final, there are no refunds or exchanges.”

Rainout & Postponed Games Questions and Answers:

Bring your rain gear! The Timber Rattlers will make every attempt to play all games as scheduled. Decisions to continue as scheduled or postpone the game are made as close to game time as possible and in light of the safety of players and fans.

When will you call the game? Will you call it early??
Very rarely will a game be called before the scheduled start time as weather constantly changes and the last thing we want is to call a game early and then have the skies clear up. Even though the weather forecast might be calling for an extended length of rain or it is raining in your area, that doesn't necessarily mean it is raining at the stadium. We do not take canceling a game lightly as so many special occasions are celebrated at the ballpark. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, a family reunion, a work outing, or just a fun time out with friends you haven't seen in a while, the last thing we want to do is make the wrong call about the weather.

Why do you wait so long to call the game?
At 30-minutes before game time, we will have a good handle on if the game will be delayed and for how long the delay might last. Both teams and the umpires are consulted on whether there might be an opportunity to play the game. If it is determined that there is a possibility to play, the teams will wait for roughly one hour before a firm decision is made.

How long can you delay a game before canceling/postponing?
Games can be delayed for multiple hours depending on the original start-time, but most games are not delayed past an hour after the original start-time. Factors that are considered include the extended weather forecast, when the teams play each other again, and if the game would be able to be made up at a later date.

What can I do with my tickets if the game gets rained out?
If the game does not start or the game does not get through five innings, your ticket will be good to exchange for equal or lesser value to another future regular season home game. Your exact seat location might not be available, but we will do our best to get you something close and comparable. You also do not have to attend the re-scheduled game but can choose any game the rest of the season.

What happens if you play the game, but I don't come because it's raining or I think it's going to rain?
Your ticket becomes an unused ticket and can be exchanged for a general admission grass ticket to any future regular season home game. Upgrades to a box or reserved seat can also be made.

What happens if you start the game and it gets called in the middle of the game?
If a game is called before five innings (or 4.5 innings in the event the Timber Rattlers are winning), the game is considered a postponed game and your ticket is treated as a rainout ticket which is described above.

Do I get a refund on my tickets and parking if the game is not played or rained out after I am already inside the stadium?
Tickets and parking are not refundable, but due to a rainout your tickets and parking are transferable to a future regular season home game. Please hold onto both ticket stubs to exchange at a later date.

What if we have a picnic scheduled for the game?
Picnics will continue as scheduled regardless of inclement weather. If at the conclusion of the picnic the game should be canceled, you may exchange your game ticket for another game. If a game is canceled prior to gates opening due to extreme conditions, you have the option of rescheduling the picnic (based on availability).

Who decides to cancel a game?
Once a game starts, the game is in the hands of the umpires. Before the game starts, the Timber Rattlers work in conjunction with both teams and the umpires to make the best decision possible.

What happens if there is a giveaway and it's calling for rain?
Souvenir giveaways are handed out when the gates to the stadium are opened, rain or shine.

What happens if there is a giveaway and because of a rainout on another date, the game I am attending is now a doubleheader with an earlier start-time?
The souvenir giveaway will be given away when the gates to the stadium are opened, so please plan accordingly if you would like to receive the giveaway item. For example, if the original start-time is 7:05 PM (with the gates opening at 5:30 PM) and now, with the doubleheader, the first game is scheduled for 5:05 PM (with gates opening at 4:05 PM) the giveaway will be handed out beginning at 4:05 PM.

Where can I go to see if the game has been delayed?
Please follow the Timber Rattlers social media channels, website, and WNAM1280 AM as updates will be provided when available.

For the latest news regarding inclement weather, follow the Timber Rattlers on Facebook and Twitter.